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Enhance Field Operations with Dispatch Solutions

Efficient dispatching is the backbone of any successful home service business, ensuring timely job allocation and resource optimization. Capsule's dispatch feature is designed to streamline and enhance your field operations, enabling you to assign, track, and manage jobs with ease.
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What is Dispatch Software?
And why you need it.

Dispatch software, like Capsule's dispatch feature, is a specialized tool designed to streamline and optimize the process of assigning and managing jobs for field service businesses. By automating job allocation, tracking, and communication, dispatch software helps businesses improve operational efficiency, reduce response times, and enhance customer satisfaction.
Work Smarter

Dynamic Job Assignment

Keep tabs on job progress and technician whereabouts with Capsule's real-time job tracking capabilities. Monitor job status, track technician locations, and receive updates instantly, ensuring visibility and accountability across your field operations.

Real-Time Job Tracking

Say goodbye to late payments and manual follow-ups. Capsule automates payment reminders, sending notifications to clients for upcoming or overdue payments. Set up custom reminders to maintain clear communication and reduce outstanding balances.

Integrated Communication

Foster seamless communication and collaboration between dispatchers and field technicians with Capsule's integrated communication channels. Send job details, updates, and instructions directly to technicians' mobile devices, facilitating clear and efficient communication on the go.

Common Questions

How does Capsule's dispatch feature work?
Capsule's dispatch feature allows you to assign jobs to field technicians based on various criteria, such as proximity, skillset, and availability. Dispatchers can create job assignments directly within the platform and track job progress in real time.
Can I track technician locations in real time with Capsule?
Yes, Capsule provides real-time job tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor technician locations and job status in real time. Stay informed about job progress and technician whereabouts to ensure efficient resource allocation and timely job completion.
Does Capsule support communication between dispatchers and field technicians?
Absolutely! Capsule offers integrated communication channels, enabling seamless communication between dispatchers and field technicians. Send job details, updates, and instructions directly to technicians' mobile devices, facilitating clear and efficient communication on the go.
Is it possible to automate job assignment with Capsule's dispatch feature?
Yes, Capsule's dispatch feature supports automated job assignment based on predefined criteria, such as technician availability and skillset. Streamline job allocation and optimize resource utilization with automated dispatching capabilities.
Can Capsule's dispatch feature be customized to suit my business needs?
Yes, Capsule's dispatch feature is fully customizable to accommodate your unique business requirements. Tailor job assignment criteria, communication channels, and tracking preferences to align with your workflow and operational objectives.

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